Now I know why employers are impressed when we talked about daily stand-up, 2 days sprints and weekly releases, because that is highly relevant to the workplace.

I wanted to share some of the scrum notes, since most of them are in the public domain anyway.

What is scrum:

– A subset / branded version of agile. Agile is the opposite of waterfall. Waterfall is borrowed from classic engineering, i.e. building a bridge requires a huge amount of planing prior to construction.


– Product owner

– Dev team

– Scrum master

What do they do:

– Product owner creates user stories and he is responsible for the ultimate success of the product.

– Dev team.

– Scrum master has no managerial authorities. He is a facilitator to remove the road blocks for the dev team.


– Prioritized backlogs, with each backlog representing a user story.

– Backlog review meeting. Can be informal.

– Sprint planning. One week duration for now, preferably with several user stories per sprint.

– Daily stand-ups. Answer three questions: what did you do yesterday, what are you going to do today, are there blockers?

– End of sprint with one sprint review and one retrospective review. Sprint review should demonstrate each finished user story. Retrospective review is where everyone provides feedbacks regarding systems and processes.

User stories:

– Make sure all engineering efforts are impacting users.