Debug IE like a boss, well, in your dreams

If you are like me, using Mac and needs to debug IE with http://localhost:3000, the choices are:

– Browserstack, extremely capable, extremely slow!
– Parallel + VMs (I heart you, Microsoft, for preparing all the VMs with different IE versions at this URL: )

Now, go debug IE like a boss. Well, at least in your dreams.


Execcommand formatblock headings in IE

Spend hours of trying to figure out why


is not working.

It is because you need to do this for ie


Two refs:



String that specifies the name of the element. In Internet Explorer, the name of the element must be placed between tag delimiters (such as “<H1>”). Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari support all block elements, Internet Explorer supports only the h1 – h6address and preelements.