Coffee surfing

Coffee is good, wifi is slowwwww. It is surprising busy that I can only find a small desk by the window.

At the new Philz coffee in South San Francisco.

2248 Westborough Blvd
Ste 306
South San Francisco, CA 94080


Coffee surfing

Coffee surfing on Sunday morning is a surprisingly refreshing experience. This time at:

791 Hickey Blvd
(650) 359-7147

Yesterday was very productive. Went to two events, Silicon Valley Employers International Forum (SVEIF) 2013 and Hack Reactor graduation.

The startup competition in SVEIF is pretty cool. The presentations might not be the best, but a lot the ideas are really cool. There is a product similar to Leap Motion, one touch screen at the back of the cellphone, catalysts to convert plastics to oil, and lasers to measure air pollution. Quoting one of the judges, “the ideas are very refreshing. Because you heard about coupon, social pitches all the time. The pitches today are mostly about real technology changing lives offline.”

Graduation in Hack Reactor is always exciting. Got a chance to catch up with old friends. The school is getting better and better, judging by the places people actually are interviewing with. Wish everyone the best of luck.


Day 49, coffee surfing and the secret of happiness

The secret of happiness is imagining BART is going to strike every Monday and you are only told at 10PM Sunday night that, they are actually NOT going to strike. So, you will actually be able to go to work by train tomorrow. Seriously, this is the key to happiness. I think BART finally discovered the solution to Sunday blues and Monday blues.

The f**** BART was going to strike again tomorrow. The carpool was arranged and I even went out and bought a Fastrak. Until 10pm, good news, no strike for at least seven more days!!!! Yeah!!!! The entire house was celebrating and then we realized, this is the secret to a happy life 🙂 Your expectation is so low that you will celebrate for the opportunity to go to work on Mondays.

I did my fair share of working today. Spent an entire day at this place.
Peet’s Coffee & Tea @ Public Market
Address: 5959 Shellmound St #85, Emeryville, CA 94608
Phone:(510) 844-0850

Overall, positive. I paid my cheap coffee rent by buying breakfast with coffee in the morning and another coffee in the afternoon. I hope they don’t mind too much…

Wifi is fast. There are some power outlets. The Public Market has a big food court, and it is just at the back of Peet’s Coffee. Since Public Market has free Wifi too, you should always be able to find a place to sit. Most chairs inside Peet’s were uncomfortable and maybe they did that to keep people from occupying the desk for a long time.

Was fairly productive today. Spent most of my time working on the backend, writing functions to return JSONs for different routes.

I had so much trouble with Sequelize in the last couple days, now everything is just raw SQL queries inside Sequelize. It defeats the purpose of using an ORM, but hey, an ORM can run raw queries, but not the other way around.

With database queries come with callbacks and promises. The q library is neat and makes the code much easier to read.


Day 42, coffee surfing again

It is nice to take a short break from the client project and work on the blog backlogs.

Coffee surfing at Awaken Coffee:
1429 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 863-1440

The Wifi was good. Music was above average. The house coffee tasted differently from other coffee shops. I didn’t really care but one lady sit next to me was saying how she worked in a coffee shop for several years before, and this house coffee was definitely one of the best.

It was perfect to do coffee surfing at 9am on Sundays. First, parking is free in any metered places on Sundays. Second, the coffee shop is unlikely to be crowded so you can always find a table with outlets.

I talked to an old friend again. He is thinking about doing something similar to what I am doing. I guess that is the power of friends. He might know the possibility of career switching and now he knows that it can’t be that scary because a person he knows well is actually doing it.


Day 14, Sunday and more coding

I have been trying to improve my personal project for a while. It is extremely frustrating when trying to get oAuth to work with Flickr. God…. I tried many node libraries and most them are so close to working, but none of them is good enough. Until today…. I finally give a try and it is amazing!!! I got most things to work just after two hours. Amazing!


– Setting Git color in OS x:

$ git config --global color.ui true

– Oh. I stayed in this coffee Shop. Farley’s Coffee at 33 Grand Ave  Oakland, CA 94612. Totally awesome. Wifi is fast and there are tons of desks to work. (hint, there is a 2nd floor).