Day 41, graduation for the seniors

How time flies. The current senior class is graduating today, and we, the current junior class, turns into the senior class after midnight. It was funny that Tuhin actually sent out an email in the midnight of night, titling “SENIORSSSSSSSSSSSS”. It is an exciting and scary feeling. It is exciting that it implies that we know something now; it is scary that it implies that we actually know something now.

The senior class spent an afternoon drawing all they have learned on a gigantic whiteboard. It was pretty cool, although it was not as MECE as I wanted it to be. I looked at the whiteboard and said ” you realize this whiteboard worths half a million, right?”. The math is simple, 20 people with $20k = $400k, roughly half a million.

The graduation party is fun. First time we had free beer in the school. Yeah! I spent a lot of time talking to interesting people about interesting ideas. When talking to Andrew from, I was deeply impressed by their growth. The numbers are crazy. Given my passion about the education space, I should definitely follow up with him. Also spent a lot of time talking to the founder of ShowDown. He is a cool guy and the idea is viral by nature. Wish him the best.

The best part of the evening is Felix’s battle deck performance. I guess influenced by Marcus’s prior working experience, we had this tradition of doing battle decks in the graduation night. The basic rule of battle deck is that given a random sequence of pictures and a center topic, the presenter are supposed to tell a coherent story based on those pictures for that topic, without any prior preparation. Felix had “childhood” as the topic and a random sequence of children posing with weird animals. The performance was beyond epic – everything he came up matched the pictures perfectly. People laughed so hard that there were literally tears in people’s eyes and people rolling on the floor. It was awesome!!!!!