Selected projects from my portfolio.


screenshot n.a.


  • Second React side project – search reusable React components – use web components with React
  • Backbone.js + React.js + Firebase + web components
  • Live: Reactjsx
  • Repo: Reactjsx

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 1.57.43 PM


  • Third React side project – organize your Github stars with drag-n-drop – use React Bootstrap
  • Backbone.js + React.js + Firebase
  • Live: GitStar
  • Repo: GitStar

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 1.55.58 PM

Lesson Monkey (WIP):

  • Fourth React side project – build bite-size lessons in minutes from a list of URLs – use React Router
  • Backbone.js + React.js + Firebase
  • Live: Lesson Monkey
  • Repo: Lesson Monkey



  • Group Project at Hack Reactor
  • A mash-up between Indeed and LinkedIn
  • Backbone.js + Express.js + MongoDB + the awesome Q promise library
  • Repo: PreLinked



  • A Chinese OKCupid Clone
  • Currently served as an iFrame app for Weibo.com
  • Python / Django + jQuery + MySQL
  • Repo: Cloud Match (private)


Paid client project:

  • Built a web app at Hack Reactor for a stealth startup in the food industry that will be launched soon.
  • Due to the stealth nature of this project, no further information can be disclosed.
  • Backbone.js + Express.js + MySQL
  • Repo: private


  • One of the first deal / coupon sites
  • JavaServer Pages + Solr + MySQL + Memcached
  • Media coverage: TechCrunch


Project Replay:

  • A live photo journal of my experiences at Hack Reactor
  • Meteor.js + Flickr API + MongoDB
  • Live: Project Replay
  • Repo: Replay (private)




* Table is not good; inline style is not good; but there is nothing you can do on WordPress.com; so I say – “constraints inspire creativity”.

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