Coffee surfing

Coffee surfing on Sunday morning is a surprisingly refreshing experience. This time at:

791 Hickey Blvd
(650) 359-7147

Yesterday was very productive. Went to two events, Silicon Valley Employers International Forum (SVEIF) 2013 and Hack Reactor graduation.

The startup competition in SVEIF is pretty cool. The presentations might not be the best, but a lot the ideas are really cool. There is a product similar to Leap Motion, one touch screen at the back of the cellphone, catalysts to convert plastics to oil, and lasers to measure air pollution. Quoting one of the judges, “the ideas are very refreshing. Because you heard about coupon, social pitches all the time. The pitches today are mostly about real technology changing lives offline.”

Graduation in Hack Reactor is always exciting. Got a chance to catch up with old friends. The school is getting better and better, judging by the places people actually are interviewing with. Wish everyone the best of luck.