Execcommand formatblock headings in IE

Spend hours of trying to figure out why


is not working.

It is because you need to do this for ie


Two refs:

1. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10741831/execcommand-formatblock-headings-in-ie

2.  http://help.dottoro.com/larpvnhw.php

String that specifies the name of the element. In Internet Explorer, the name of the element must be placed between tag delimiters (such as “<H1>”). Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari support all block elements, Internet Explorer supports only the h1 – h6address and preelements.


Yammer hackathon

Did my very first Hackathon with Guy. Didn’t win anything but it was a really cool experience. The winning app is a visualization app, similar to http://www.wolframalpha.com/facebook/.


Coffee surfing

Coffee is good, wifi is slowwwww. It is surprising busy that I can only find a small desk by the window.

At the new Philz coffee in South San Francisco.

2248 Westborough Blvd
Ste 306
South San Francisco, CA 94080


From scss to stylus

Trying to consolidate my css preprocessor to one system – stylus.js

Surprisingly easy to convert from scss to stylus because:

– Stylus supports native css syntax

– Nib provides a lot of mixins

– More mixins can be added easily


Some notes:

– To compile scss, I used to do:


sass --compass --watch css/gadget.scss:gadget.css

– To compile stylus, I do:

stylus -u nib -w css/gadget.styl -o .

– It takes me about half a hour to figure out the right syntax for output to current folder is “-o .”!!!


Popular EdTech sites, November 2013

Inspired by an old habit in my old startup, I decided to start a monthly update on the popularity of EdTech sites. Well, those updates should last as long as I am still in the EdTech industry.

A very incomplete and working in progress list are here. The Alexa rank is not necessarily accurate but nevertheless a good approximation of the popularity.

https://www.coursera.org/  1,865
https://www.udemy.com  2,081
http://quizlet.com/  4,427
https://www.khanacademy.org/  4,476
https://www.udacity.com/  7,042
http://www.coursehero.com/  19,050
http://learni.st/  26,042
http://academicearth.org/  59,980
http://openstudy.com/  61,018

Notable mentions for Asian companies, because for them, Alexa is useless.




Coffee surfing

Coffee surfing on Sunday morning is a surprisingly refreshing experience. This time at:

791 Hickey Blvd
(650) 359-7147

Yesterday was very productive. Went to two events, Silicon Valley Employers International Forum (SVEIF) 2013 and Hack Reactor graduation.

The startup competition in SVEIF is pretty cool. The presentations might not be the best, but a lot the ideas are really cool. There is a product similar to Leap Motion, one touch screen at the back of the cellphone, catalysts to convert plastics to oil, and lasers to measure air pollution. Quoting one of the judges, “the ideas are very refreshing. Because you heard about coupon, social pitches all the time. The pitches today are mostly about real technology changing lives offline.”

Graduation in Hack Reactor is always exciting. Got a chance to catch up with old friends. The school is getting better and better, judging by the places people actually are interviewing with. Wish everyone the best of luck.