A new beginning

Finally concluded my job search and accepted an offer. This is the new beginning.

Reflection on my job search:

I was very nervous prior to the hiring day, worrying about not having enough interviews. With an average performance during my speed dating in hiring day, my interview pipeline was solid average, not fantastic. As some of my classmates got offers in their first interviews, I was once again nervous about myself. Only after getting my first two offers, I begun to feel everything is under control and started to enjoy interviewing. When you have at least one offer at hand, interviewing is fun. It is fun to meet so many different people, solving all kind of random problems on the whiteboard and collaborating with them. I think I can do that as my full time job … no, I am just kidding … Making a decision among job offers is always hard, and I think I would love to work for any one of them. They are all super cool ideas with very competent teams. In the end, I have to pick one based on, base on gut feelings….

Anyway, made my decision and looked forward to start the new journey. Yeah!!!

Oh, a good article to read on making decisions: http://brandonb.cc/advice-for-cs-students-considering-a-startup

Oh, the biggest mistakes I made:

– please please please focus on front-end JavaScript engineering role. That is where JavaScript really shines right now, and that is what the training is for, and that is what most companies are looking for anyway… Node.js is awesome but very few companies are using it… That was the mistake I made in my speed dating on the hiring day.