Personal growth vs team vs others

Once upon a time, I was asked, if you have to pick only one, “personal growth, team, something else I forgot”, which one would you pick? The correct answer is “it depends”. The next optimal answer is “it would be nice to have all of them”. In reality, after debating briefly, I picked team.

There is no right or wrong answer, but for me, I will probably pick team over anything else. In an ideal team, or in our Prelinked team, the team is:
– well balanced. Each team member has his own expertise.
– team members are willing to help each other. After he is done with his share of work, he will voluntarily help other team members.
– he works hard because of self-motivation. He should have a high bar in terms of quality of his own work, and he will drive himself to meet that bar.
– he is fun to work with. That is what will get the team through tough nights.