We can no longer play the children’s game

Sitting in a coffee shop next to Palo Alto Square and the radio starts playing “the show”.

A couple of thoughts:
– Palo Alto Square is an interesting place. Last time I was here was interviewing for McKinsey, at a time when I was trying to go from PhD to management consulting. A couple of years latter, I am here again. This time, I am trying to go from management consulting to building great products.
– My favorite version of “the show” comes from the movie “MoneyBall”. MoneyBall definitely shaped my way of thinking about career changes.

Quotes from MoneyBall:

“We’re all told at some point in time that we can no longer play the children’s game, we just dont’… don’t know when that’s gonna be. Some of us are told at eighteen, some of us are told at forty, but we’re all told.”

My interpretation is that: sooner or later in your life, you need to make up your mind of committing yourself to something. Sooner or later, you need to be true to yourself, and ask the hard question “where do I want to spend my time?”. The more chiczy way of saying it is , “you only have that many heartbeats, where do you want spend them?”

That is why I want to be true to myself that I will devote my life to build great products. Hence, the seemly dramatic career changes.

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