Day 91, Hack Reactor reflection

This would be an ongoing reflection of my Hack Reactor experience.

Overall score: 4/5

High level summary: first half is structured learning, and the second half is project-based learning. There are 18 sprints in the first half, each lasting 2 days. There are 2 projects in the second half, each lasting 3 weeks. Sprints are focused learning on one technical area, i.e. data structure, database, networking. Projects are simulated working, in which you worked with a team, under a deadline, and release regularly.

Marcus is definitely one of the best JavaScript instructors. The mere fact that he teaches for the first five weeks delivers enough value to cover the high tuition.

Classmates are smart and highly-motivated. That is the beauty of setting the tuition at a very high pricing point. The high pricing selects the best, and the most motivated people.

to be continued…