Day 90, this is the end

Everything has a beginning and an end. For Hack Reactor, this is the end…

Some last emails from Hack Reactor staffs reminding us to fill up one last survey, Tony making sure everyone is getting a t-shirt, emails reminding removing all your personal belongs from the cubby…

We had a bar this time. I guess our hiring went so well that the school decided to spend a little bit more money on the party. We had battle deck again. But it was not as exciting as last time. Marcus did a fantastic job mimicking Felix. What can’t he do?….

A indicator of how awesome the party is how many people will go to the after party. From that standing point, the party was definitely above average. Tons of people showed up for the after party in a nearby bar. That is when things got really interesting…The party was so good that I missed my bart and went to Barry’s place for couch surfing.

Oh, well, tomorrow will be another day.