Group project reflection

Finally has time to sit down and reflect on the group project – PreLinked.


  • Best team ever. Stephen, Barry, Hao and I were just almost the best team I ever worked in. Nobody was a free rider and everybody was willing to help once he was done with his part. The skills were complementary too. I think some startup should hire four of us to be their entire frontend department.
  • Tech stack was solid. Backbone.js / MongoDB / Express.js were all main stream enough that there were enough documents on most problems we encountered.
  • “Promise” was good. I tried my best to teach everyone promises in the beginning of the project and by the end of the project, everyone was very comfortable with promises. Because of that, the asyn code was very readable.


  • Not enough time to reach out and publicize the project.
  • Could have been more aggressive in terms of scope.
  • Not enough testing.


  • Nothing really.