Day 80, the day after

The day after the hiring day. Massive outbound emailing from the entire class.

A couple of people complained that “I would rather write code than emails”. I agree. But the reality is that this is a painful yet necessary step. I always compare job hunting to dating. It would be nice to be just with the perfect match and live happily ever after. However, unless you are extremely lucky, you would likely need to go through several bad dates before finding you true love. Same with job hunting. Give how many hours you spend with you co-workers, you might as well invest some time to make sure you can fit.

Toy problem – merge sort

var mergeSort = function(input){

//break input into two arrays or return if lengths is 1

//sort both of separately or rather break them down further

var left = mergeSort(leftArray);

var right = mergeSort(rightArray);


var i=0;

var j=0;

var output = [];

while(i<left.length || j<right.length){

//if left[i] is smaller, put in left[i], i++

//else put in right[j], j++