How to build a bower package

Time to extract part of our group work and make it a separate package. Basically, we built a Backbone wrapper for Foundation Reveal Modal, and I wanted to make it a Bower package.

Brief intro about Bower:
Bower is a package management system by Twitter for front-end, similar to NPM for the backend.

Steps to build a Bower package:
1. Make a github repo and put all your code in it (any git repo should work)
2. Run “bower init” in the repo directory and follow the instructions
3. Run “bower register”

bower register git://

4. Run “bower search foundation”. Horray, it is there!!!

    foundation git://
    foundation-icons git://
    components-foundation git://
    sass-foundation git://
    bower-foundation-css git:// git://

P.S. how to make a npm package.


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