Day 61, dummy HTML page is up

End of the first sprint. Horray.

We didn’t make much progress today, mostly due to other activities, i.e., one lecture from Marcus on server architecture and another fireside chat with Nats from Groupon.

After spending a couple of more hours, I finally made the grunt file to work. It does two things:

– compile/concat JS, Stylus(CSS), HTML files for Backbone. Re-compile upon file changes.

– start Express server, serving those compiled files and other dynamic API end points. Re-start Express server upon server side file changes. This is still not ideal, given the live reloading in the browser doesn’t seem to work. However, it is good for now and let’s start coding.

Stephen made the Linkedin login to work. Barry made one HTML page with foundation. Hao made the Handlebar work in the server side. I did Grunt, helped Barry to install Stylus, and tested Backbone views.

Our working product is a HTML page with buttons which don’t do anything yet.