Day 57, last day of client project

Worked until 11:30pm. I am a freeman now.

Last couple of steps:

– Remove unnecessary comments

– Remove or disable all console.log()

– Remove unnecessary functions. Even in such a short project, there are major code refactors rendering some code irrelevant. It is sad to have to delete large chunk of working code. Well, someone said, if software engineers are paid to delete code, the world will be in a better place. Let’s hope that is true.

– There are still tons of bugs to fix, so I put all of them under a “known issues” page in the wiki.

We also demoed our personal projects in the evening. Some of them are really impressive, such as the dinosaur game, Felix’s RPG game, the recommendation engine Raccoon, Andrew’s 3d music visualizer, Chris’ Chrome plugin to control browser with a phone, Barry’s application to control multiple client screens with a phone. Very impressive indeed.