Day 42, coffee surfing again

It is nice to take a short break from the client project and work on the blog backlogs.

Coffee surfing at Awaken Coffee:
1429 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 863-1440

The Wifi was good. Music was above average. The house coffee tasted differently from other coffee shops. I didn’t really care but one lady sit next to me was saying how she worked in a coffee shop for several years before, and this house coffee was definitely one of the best.

It was perfect to do coffee surfing at 9am on Sundays. First, parking is free in any metered places on Sundays. Second, the coffee shop is unlikely to be crowded so you can always find a table with outlets.

I talked to an old friend again. He is thinking about doing something similar to what I am doing. I guess that is the power of friends. He might know the possibility of career switching and now he knows that it can’t be that scary because a person he knows well is actually doing it.