Day 39, Thorax.js and Backbone.js

It kind of make sense for a bio students to study JavaScript. Why? Just look at all those names, from brain.js to backbone to thorax. I am sure sooner or latter we will be running out of names…

Talking about bio students, Peter, CJ and I ran across a UCSF bio phd student in the BART tonight at 10:30pm ish. She was working hard, energetic and in her last year of graduate studies. I have never actually met anyone who are going to UCSF’s bio phd programs. She must be extremely smart! Asked her about what does she do, and she said DNA replication. I said, “old and boring”…. then she went on to defend the field… Sorry about that. I personally like neuro science or developmental biology more than any sub field, because we knew almost nothing in those fields…

Anyway, back to programming….

Ricky and I made solid progress today.

– Now using backbone-bootstrap modal. Since tons of our interactions happen inside the modal, I expect the existing library won’t satisfy our need and we might end up adding more things to the library.

– Now knows how to add new views/models/collections to the project based on Thorax-seed. I tried to manually add them in the beginning. Latter I realized that I was supposed to use “grunt generate”. Totally wasted time because I didn’t read the document line by line.

– Larry spent more time with Joe on the database side. It seems like we are almost there with the final database schema.

Tips on Backbone:

– Add a sub-view.

this.$el.append( (new Backbone.Views.ChildView()).render() );