Day 35, memories

Have to leave all my old friends behind and rejoin the classroom. Now, back to work.

Notes on working on a client project:

Good projects are:
– under promise, over deliver
– many touch points including face-to-face, Skype, email

Bad projects are:
– No communication through out
– Big bang delivery in the end
– No hardstop
– Leaking client information on the blog

Advices are:
– Do NOT skip the regular check-in
– Be transparent about the progress

Before the kick-off meeting:
– Prepare questions

During the kick-off meeting:
– Take notes
– Try getting everything you need to kick off the project
– Try leverage the 30mins or 45mins effeiciently

Possible Questions for the kick-off meeting:

– Fork/pull vs branches
– Ticketing system
– Stack choices
– Web / mobile
– Third party integrations such as Stripe, Twilio or MailChimp

– Types of users
– User stories

– Business model
– Business roadmap