Day 32, more review sprint, hello Backbone

Continuing my review sprint. Spend the morning working on MongoDB and the afternoon working on BackBone.

It was surprising nobody really knew enough about MongoDB. Guess all the instructors never really used MongoDB in their work because MongoDB was so new.

Backbone is an interesting one. I followed the video of Instead of writing the app he was talking about, I re-wrote my own ChatClient. I paused the video many times and was able to finish my re-write. A couple of takeaways:
– Can’t believe how many small magics there are. The video tutorial really helped.
– I am constantly paralyzed by the number of choices I have. Basically, I can achieve the same result with many ways and I don’t know which one is the best practice. So, in that regard, the tutorial also helped. However, I am not sure that the tutorial itself is following the best practice all the time

Personal projects:
We talked a little bit more about personal projects. The criteria are:
– heavy in employer relevant skills. Note: using cutting edge tech-tools is also employer relevant. The tool itself might not be relevant, but your appetite for cutting edge tech is employer relevant.
– hackernews worthy. This is an interesting idea. The teachers went on to classify that hackernews worthy is different from a general audience worthy. For example, a fairly nerdy idea might not appeal to the general public but might be interested to the tech community.
– focus & viable in two weeks. It is better to have a focused and complete product than a half-baked large product.
– show relevant skills / interests in certain field

In a one-to-many relationships, store the information in the many side. A good example is thinking about a celebrity and his/her many fans, only fans remember the celebrity, not the other way around.