How to upload database to

If you want to upload your local db to with, follow the following steps:

Step 1, create 3 scripts file:,,

For, write:

mongodump -h -d meteor -o meteor
#port is 82 because I am running the local meteor at 80
#port should be your local port + 2, so the default would be 3000+2 = 3002

For, write:

meteor mongo --url

For, write:

mongorestore -u client -p $1 -h -db replay_meteor_com meteor/meteor/ --objcheck --drop is the physical server and might be different for your app

Step 2:

#this will export your db into a local file

Step 3:

#output should be
#copy d2f3d2a0-73eb-f641-a41b-e12517cb5a2a to your clipboard

Step 4:

sh d2f3d2a0-73eb-f641-a41b-e12517cb5a2a
#that should get the local file and restore it to the server
#WARNING: it will drop your remote db at


– The ‘d2f3d2a0-73eb-f641-a41b-e12517cb5a2a’ seems to work only once and expires in a minute. So, hurry up

– Pay attention to the server address since they do change from time to time


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