Day 16, carpool and more chat client

Life is good today.  Only spent a hour commuting to classroom and half a hour back. Yeah!!! With the help of Zak, we managed to take the last entrance into the bay bridge. With Zak’s fasttrak and with 3 people inside the car, we were able to zip through the toll plaza. Awesome!!!

Ok, now coding.

We did the week2 self-assessment today. It had four components, covering algorithm, layout, pseudo classical and d3. It wasn’t hard, and I finished on time. However, I realized that I did make a couple of mistakes when Savannah and I reviewed each other’s code in the evening. The most obvious one was when extending from a super class, I forgot the following two lines:

SubClass.prototype = new Class();

SubClass.prototype.constructor = SubClass;

God. Never forgot about them again.

Other small tips are:

– string.split(”) will split by character and put each of them as an element of an array

– $(‘selector1, selector2’) is the correct syntax for multiple selectors in jQuery

About the chatroom sprint, my pair Savannah and I were able to finish all basic requirements on time. I was fairly satisfied with our progress.

What went well:

– We planned ahead, and used OOP as much as possible. Both of them made adding features such as chat rooms straightforward. After writing a couple hundred lines of code and implemented several features, the logic was still clear and the code was easy to read.

– Savannah was a great partner, a quick learner with great work ethics. I enjoyed having hardworking co-workers.

What went ok:

– Didn’t spend enough time hacking other people’s chat rooms. Missed so much fun 😦

– Current code could be refactored more but didn’t have enough time to do it. I can image my previous pair Max would just can’t stand it and refactor to its full potential.

– Don’t have time to apply enough styling to the page.